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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

29 August 2011
My breakfast of the day :)
Ham and cheese in wrap yummy yummy !
Went to stock up my cupboard in the morning :)
My cupboard have been empty for quite sometime heee
My lunch with Vivy at Central
Eating the famous ipoh hor fan
It was Hari Raya Eve, many ppl wasnt around in the office
I have slacked for the whole day too hee..
Chatting and distrubing ppl around me muhahah
530pm !!! off from work and Had dinner with baby at Vivo @ Central
Quite a nice and cheap place for food : )
I love their baked rice ! it's really nice
Nicer than Swenson's baked rice and cheaper

I had this for dinner haha :) yummy yummy
After dinner, went to Vivo City to order my mooncake from East Ocean !
Baby bought a box of snow skin mooncake for me and another one for his family
While i bought a white lotus traditional mooncake for my family :)
10% discount for non tangs/ citi bank card member
15% for Tangs / Citi bank card members
28 August 2011
Had lunch at Cine's Graffiti Cafe before heading to watch CARS 2
Love PONTIAN FRIED WANTON! muahaahha ...
Hmmm... i fall asleep during the show
Is either i'm too tired or i'm not tat interested in Cartoons anymore
My first time watching CARS though.
After the school baby and i went to walk around town
We went to SWAROSKI shop !
Coze they have a recent launch of the Hello Kitty Crystal Collection !
Love their pens and the kitty necklace hee..
Boring day
Nth much to walk in town
I'm so sick n tired of town
We shall look for some other interesting things to do now
Other than heading to town
Alright had our dinner at Cedele

I had these 2 cakes for dinner with a pot of
Mulberry Tea ..
Hmmm it doesnt taste really nice ...
I think TWG'a tea is still nicer and tastier ...
But Cedele's oreo cheesecake is nice !
Can try !
Baby ordered this, i forgot the name of this dish
It's nice too, you guys can try this out :)
Mushroom ! Baby's favourtie !
A unqiue taste !
Can try can try hee..
Overall : 7/10
Food is good but their waitor's service wasnt tat good
Hey Poney Jade for dinner when i went to buy mooncake with my mentor and director :)
Bought 2 box of 'MAO SHAN WANG' Durain mooncake for my godmother and baby family

And we decided to have dinner there : )
Hand peel crabmeat and Sweet corn soup
Pork Belly
3 Teasure Vegtable with Asparagu, brocolli and beans
capuccino prok rib
Bill came up to be about $90 i think
Rating : 9.5/10
Goof food and good service
Hey this is my lunch on thursday after meeting
mentor and i went to Pasta de Waraku
Set meal : $16.90 if i nv remember wrongly
Nice and worth it !
Very big portion that i cant finish them
Soup my favourite !
$2 add on for Mango Juice
Mache with Baby the other day !
Our usual food
Side dish hee ...

Speacial dish of the day a cake ! :)
Their Rosti is forever the best ! yummy yummy!
Hmmm bought coupons from the other day
And i went for my gelish manicure :)
Pretty pretty colour ! :)
Last sat, went to fetch baby from work and we went to Chomp Pang for our breakfast
Yummy yummy zhu change fen !
Best zhu chang fen ever heee
Yummy yummy carrot cake too !
Love this kind of carrot cake whereby the cake is chopped into small pieces !
This way, the cake can absorb more favouring ;)
Yummy soya bean hee..
This is the carrot cake store at Chomp Pang
Remember to go there when you are free! Coze there's lots of nice food there
Actually our purpose there wasnt for food ahha
But part of it was heee..
Was there to make myself a new pair of specs!
Haven changed my specs for 3 years already !
Oooppss my degree increased again
Ya like again
Now both eye is about 800 each ...
Blind soon Evelyn
We also bought the ingredients for chocolate making hee...
Will upload those photos soon :)
After dinner tat day, baby bought this Monopoly mini
See it's really mini right
Even their notes are so cute and small
Right size for duck duck to play haha !

yes yes i bought myself a pair of colour contact to play with haha ..
Just for a month actually

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

16 August 2011
Muffin @ Manhattan House, Havelock Road
I bought strawberry and Chocolate muffin for baby and me that day
It's quite a nice muffin coze of the filling inside.
See the Chocolate filling inside ?
It's really nice heee...
Promise cla to buy her this when i see her the next time :)
Ended school early and honey baby fetched me from school
We went to Bukit Timah so have some dinner.
Tried Buddy Hoagies @ Beauty World

I dont think this store in really nice
No wonder there's not much ppl going there
Their fried chicken were all super oily
We shared the baked rosti and it's all burnt smell and no potato smell
14 August 2011
Went to Geylang Serai on Sunday
Actually the intention there was to go City Plaza to shop for my clothes :)
I spend like near $300 there with lots of loots haha
Erm... Clothes there isnt really cheap unless you are buying in big bulk for business
You can find alot of blogshop clothes there

After shopping baby and i went to walk around and we bought some food from the flea market .

Yummy Yummy !
Bought this Macrons which this shop named it Yoyo
Taste is Far from the real macrons...
This shop is called the House of Mini
After shopping at Geylang Serai, we went to suntect
dear dear went to see his toy cars again
I'm so bored ...
So took a photo with the SMURFS ! heee... So cute !
Went to the cafe opposite Toy R us
Olive Vine
It's quite a nice cafe and quite cheap too :)
Worth to give it a try

Sunday Sweethearts :)
Our couple shirt from UNIQLO hee...

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